Top Five: Liquid Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies!

Today I want to justify my love of lipsticks for all of you…

Ok so there’s no justification for the obscene amount of lipsticks I own, but I’m still normal, right?

Because I own so many formulas and brands, I want to specifically discuss my top five liquid lipstick formulas. I want to start by defining what a liquid lipstick means to me:

  • A liquid formula that dries down completely matte on the lips
  • Minimal to no transference of product once it is fully dry
  • Significant Pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Moisturizing level

Given these guidelines, I want to share with y’all my top five liquid lipsticks in terms of formula, color selection, and lasting power.


5. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

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Do these dry matte: Yes, however it takes at least 3-5 minutes to fully dry down.

Are these transfer-proof: Yes, unless you are eating oily foods or drinking liquids heavily.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is absolutely there, however I do dip into the tube at least three times for both my top and bottom lips.

Are these long lasting: Out of my top five, this one is the least long lasting for me, however these do stick down for a good 3-4 hours, so long as I’m not eating or drinking heavily.

Are these moisturizing: Once again, out of my top five, these are the driest. Although I have to prep my lips big time for these, the dryness does not create discomfort for me.


4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

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Do these dry matte: Yes, after about 2-3 minutes.

Are these transfer-proof: Out of the five, these babies transfer the most, but it is not drastic.

Pigmentation: While these are overall consistent, I find that the blue and purple shades lack pigmentation in particular, and often appear streaky.

Are these long lasting: While these lip creams do transfer more than I’d like, they absolutely last a decent amount of time so long as I don’t touch them.

Are these moisturizing: YES! The whipped texture of these lip creams make them SO COMFY to wear.


3. Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

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Do these dry matte: Yes, and arguably the quickest out of my top five.

Are these transfer-proof: Yes. Transfer from this product is nonexistent unless oily foods and heavy drinking are involved.

Pigmentation: I can get away with 1-2 dips into the tube easily, however the short wand can create some difficulty with picking up product inside the tube.

Are these long lasting: The actual lipstick does break down on me the quickest, however it is the most gradual fade out of the five. No butthole mouth for me!

Are these moisturizing: To me, these are neither particularly drying nor moisturizing, but they do still sit very nicely on the lips.


2. Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Matte Lipstick

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Do these dry matte: Yes, after at least 1 minute.

Are these transfer-proof: Even if food and drink is involved, these tend to fade gradually instead of straight up transfer.

Pigmentation: While the wand is long, the applicator is quite tiny, meaning that I have to dip at least 2 times to cover my lips completely.

Are these long lasting: As I mentioned, these lipsticks tend to fade gradually, so in my eyes, the lasting power is fantastic. I can wear these an entire day and minimally touch up once, depending on how I’m feeling.

Are these moisturizing: I can’t say that these have any moisturizing properties, but they sure aren’t drying. These lipsticks make you forget that you have anything on, which is something I adore.


1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick

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Do these dry matte: Yes, after a minute or less.

Are these transfer-proof: If I’m going out or partying, these are my go-to lipsticks. These NEVER transfer.

Pigmentation: Out of the five, I think these are the most pigmented, not only due to formula, but also do to the applicator picking up maximum product. I can get away with a single dip.

Are these long lasting: Absolutely. These only fade when I eat oily foods, and never break down during the day.

Are these moisturizing: These liquid lipsticks are the tiniest bit drying, but a good layer of lip balm beforehand easily fixes this problem for me.

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Top 5: Mules of the moment

Hello my lovelies!
Mules of the moment
I’ve been having an intense affair. It’s taken me a long time to admit it to myself, but I’m no longer afraid of the truth.
I am obsessed with mules.
As of yet, I do not have a pair (though I have ordered a pair), but I helplessly lust over them every chance I get.
Out of all the mules in the world, These are probably some of my favorites. While the five of them are different from each other, they all have unique personalities that make them truly special to me.
From Left to Right:
New Look Black Suedette Peep Toe Metal Block Mules (Buy here) – I’m totally loving the metal heel with the black suede. Black and gold is one of my personal favorite combos. Bonus, these babies are super cheap, at 22.99 pounds (about 30.00 dollars), yet look top quality and would absolutely catch everyone’s attention.
New Look Suedette Peep Toe Block Heel Mules (Buy here. Available in two colors) – Another steal at 24.99 pounds (about 32.oo dollars), I love how laid back yet chic these particular mules are. The all around chunkiness of this shoe is my favorite aspect, and these would look so amazing if they were accompanying a boho look.
Topshop DUEL Mule Sandal (Buy here. Available in two colors) – A decent middle ground price at 48.00 dollars, these are definitely the most fun and daring mules of the bunch. The metallic gold look is absolutely divine, and gives any outfit an ultra luxe vibe.
New Look White Premium Leather Peep Toe Mules (Buy here. Available in two colors) – While these are a little more expensive at 39.99 pounds (about 52.00 dollars), I love the simplicity of these mules. The beauty of black or white shoes, is that they go with almost anything. In regards to white especially, it is a fabulous summer color to pair with bright colors.
Topshop DELLA Mule Sandal (Buy here. Available in two colors) – Another good price at 48.00 dollars once again, these mules are by far the most edgy. Nonetheless, they have a fantastic and youthful look that would spice up any neutral outfit. The chunkiness is fantastic and adds a little grunge.
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Stay Beautiful!
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Top 5 Foundations

Hello my lovelies!

Today I want to talk about my all time favorite foundations. While my favorites often vary, these five, tried and true foundations have stuck with me through thick and thin, and are definitely going to stay in my rotation.

Let’s get started:

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Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – When I first bought this foundation, I was not super impressed with the range of color at first. However, now I am much happier with the color selection, going from very light to very dark. Unfortunately, I picked up this foundation when it had first come out, meaning that the absolute lightest shade “Snow”, was not yet available. While the shade I have now “Porcelain”, is a kiss too dark for me, I make it work by mixing in one of my favorite lighter foundations. This foundation does oxidize slightly, so be aware when you are working with this product.

In my opinion, this is a medium/full coverage foundation. I love the coverage, and I love the natural finish even more. This foundation genuinely looks like a better version of my skin. Beware though, if you are on the oilier side like me, you will need to use a mattifying primer, as well as set this foundation very well. However, if you’re on the drier end of the spectrum, this foundation will give you a beautiful satin finish. This foundation never sits on top of my dry patches, and truly neutralizes my redness. If you have problems with acne or scarring, but want a more “natural” look, definitely give this foundation a test.

In terms of wear time, this foundation will last pretty well throughout an average day. Again, if you are oilier, you will want to keep blotting paper or powder on hand, just in case. I find that this foundation does not last as long alone as it does when I mix it with a matte foundation. I do think that this foundation is NOT supposed to last as long as a matte foundation though, simply because it is just that – not a matte formula. Rest assured, even on my oiliest days, I can get a good six or seven hours of wear, which is fantastic for something so moisturizing and natural looking (Purchase here. Comes in 18 shades).


Clarins Everlasting Foundation+ – Quite honestly, the shade range for darker skin tones is not great, however if you are on the extremely pale side like me, this is a lovely foundation. Additionally, the shades are fairly neutral in undertone, which is great for people who either are neutral, or can’t find a shade on the warm or cool sides. My favorite thing about these shades is that the do NOT oxidize.

This is definitely a medium/full coverage foundation, which again, I love. The coverage is fabulous and leaves a comfortably matte finish to the skin. Luckily, this foundation works for ALL skin types! Regardless, I suggest locking this foundation in place with a setting powder, not because it gets oily, but it just looks even better. Unfortunately, this foundation does have a slightly flowery fragrance, as is with most of the products from Clarins. However, I do not think the fragrance is super strong, and it does disappear after drying onto your face. This foundation does not offer a natural look, it absolutely does look like you put on makeup, albeit in the best way possible.

Once again, even at my oiliest, I get a pretty good six, all the way up to twelve hours of wear. You will not need to blot or as often, which is a huge bonus for all you oily girls out there, and it does not cling to dry patches throughout the day, despite it being a matte finish. If you are prone to melting in certain areas, be cautious, since this foundation may rub away in those areas without proper setting. For a matte foundation, this formula is incredibly moisturizing, yet works for all skin types (Purchase here. Comes in 10 shades).


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation – I have to admit, I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the shade range of this product. While the line does lean more towards warm tones, I find that the lightest shade is, in fact, very light, and vice versa with the darkest shade. This product does not oxidize, which is amazing for a drugstore product.

This foundation is absolutely full coverage, but can be sheered out for lighter coverage. This shit is light, airy, and wears beautifully on my oily skin. If you are on the drier side, you can use this foundation, however I would strongly advise using a moisturizing primer beforehand. You don’t NEED to set this foundation, but I would anyway, because I want this stuff to stick to my skin at all costs.

Out of all the foundations I have/will talk about in this post, this one is by far the longest lasting. No joke, I have worn this foundation for FOURTEEN hours, and not a single thing changed on my face. Shout out to L’oreal for making a foundation that everyone can wear (Purchase here. Comes in 12 shades).


L’oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation –  Once again, I’m very happy with the shade range of this product. This time, the shades follow more along the original True Match line, and include warm, cool, and neutral shades.

This foundation is a light coverage, however it can be built up very nicely. I love the thin, wet texture this foundation has, and despite the fact that it is very moisturizing and luminous, it doesn’t break up on my skin or make me look like a slick oil drum. I personally do not wear this foundation right now during the sumismer, since I am oily, but I love the luminous look of this foundation during colder days. If  you are super dry, this foundation is an absolute must! If you like a super dewy finish, you can either lightly set this foundation, or not set it at all. If dewy ain’t your thang, set it like you would any foundation.

In my opinion, this foundation offers the least amount of longevity, however that doesn’t make it a bad product! I get about five to seven hours from this foundation, which is great, especially for someone oily like me. Unfortunately, I do have to spend some time blotting and powdering a few times during the day, but this really doesn’t bother me are. As I said, if you drier, this would be PERFECT for you, even more so than it is for me during the colder months (Purchase here. Comes in 12 shades).


Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation – Out of my top five foundations, this one offers the largest amount of shades. The actual range is fantastic as well. The shades mostly showcase warmer tones, but some cooler shades exist.

In my opinion, this foundation offers a medium coverage, but can definitely be built up to a full coverage. The texture is liquidy and very easy to work with, but still offers a matte, flawless finish. For the most part, I can wear this foundation all year round, but on occasion, it is a touch too matte for me in the winter time. I find that this foundation can sometimes cling to dry patches upon first applying, but does not continue to do so after setting. The finish is very matte, so expect zero shine from this baby!

This foundation offers anywhere between seven and twelve hours of wear, and stays amazingly matte throughout the day. I rarely have to blot or powder with this foundation, and I often use it as a mixing agent with other foundations. As always, be cautious with this foundation if you are dry, however I have seen even the driest of girls and boys use this foundation and look flawless (Purchase here. Comes in 24 shades).


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Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Top Five: Lipsticks

Hello my lovelies!

I am starting yet another category for my blog; Top Five. I will give you my top five favorites surrounding different products and items. For this first round, I will be sharing my top five lipsticks, one from each color category. I am a self diagnosed lipstick addict, which is great for my appearance, not so great for my wallet. As such, I’m a very picky shopper when it comes to lipsticks, since I want the best consistencies, colors, and finishes that the lipstick world has to offer. coincidentally, the 5 favorites that I picked could all be considered high end, but this in no way means I don’t like drugstore lippies. These just happen to be the lipsticks that I reach for from each color category most often. Enough of my rambling, let’s get started:



From top to bottom:

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick – Tannin

Sephora Cream lip stain – Number 13 Marvelous Mauve

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick – Naughty By Nature

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick – Turn On

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick – Lavender


Favorite Red – Tannin is probably one of the most beautiful reds I have come across. While I haven’t worn it in the past couple of months, it is almost always the cream lip I go for. I am aware that Bite has changed their formula for the better, however I still love their previous formula as well, which is what my particular lipstick is. The formula is so incredibly buttery, while also giving great color payoff that won’t slide around all over your face. You can buy the revamped version here.

Favorite Nude – I remember buying this lip stain, saying to myself “why isn’t this particular one more popular?”, and lo and behold, everyone suddenly has it. I’m not saying that was definitely my doing, but maybe the makeup Gods heard me after all. When I first bought this, I thought it would be super meh. Fortunately, this has quickly become my favorite nude both for color and consistency. These stains are so incredibly comfortable to wear, and they feel like absolutely nothing. Added bonus, they’re actively moisturizing. I’ve neglected pretty much all of my other lipsticks just for this one. You can buy this exact shade here.

Favorite Brown – I’m personally not crazy about Too Faced’s original Melted Lipsticks, but I saw this color and couldn’t leave it alone. Thank baby Jesus that this formula is so much more impressive than the originals. It’s exceedingly comfortable, layerable, and not patchy despite the dark color. I really enjoy the applicator as well. If you have uneven lips like yours truly, be sure to look out for big, thick applicators. Small doe-foots are your friend. You can buy this exact shade here.

Favorite Pink – This is the only Urban Decay Lipstick I own, but it really makes me think about purchasing more colors. It’s such a perfect rosy pink with an amazing formula. Which doesn’t surprise me given how amazing their shadows are. This is a creme formula, however it is somewhat thick, which I prefer to thin, sheer formulas. If you’re looking for a good, wear-everywhere pink, this is definitely it. You can buy this exact shade here.

Favorite Purple – Again, Bite Beauty is life. I’m actually almost out of this particular lippie, which saddens me because it is one, no longer available, and two, there’s nothing else quite like it for me. Once again, formula is absolutely awesome, no sliding, and lovely color payoff. This particular color is no longer available, but you can buy a similar version here.

That is all I have for you guys today. Let me know if any of you have particular “Top Five’s” that you want to see from me. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe, it really helps me out!

Stay Beautiful!

 Disclaimer: I will never edit my pictures in a way that misrepresents my natural weight and body type. Some Links may be affiliate links. All opinions are my own.