Hello My lovelies! Today was what I call Mopping, otherwise known as museum hopping, because I’m fantastic at wordplay like that. I want to make a pretty big announcement, which I hope all of you will tune in for since it’s a big opportunity. I have reached a little over 50 followers, which is extremely […]

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Hello My lovelies! Today was a museum tour day, so I decided to dress slightly more casual for the event. We hopped a few museums, including The Smithsonian Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History. Everything was completely cool and unique. I’m a geek at heart and love grabbing as much knowledge […]

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Hello my lovelies! Today, we hopped between the Sewall-Belmont house, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress. I did take a TON of pictures, but I’ll only post them if someone explicitly wants me to. Otherwise I feel that it would be slightly silly. After I’m done posting this, I will be happily eating gelato, […]

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Hello My Lovelies! Unfortunately I am a day late in my OOTD activites, but fear not I am still posting! Yesterday, as well as today, I went to the Newseum in DC. The museum was so amazing that we ended up going back today, since we still had so much more to see. Bonus, the […]

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Hello My Lovlies! I’ve made it to DC! We got in at 9 o’clock eastern last night and promptly ate dinner at 10. Great timing right? Today was a Potomac Mills shopping trip for a prom dress. I’ll make an effort to post that eventually but I don’t want to do it right away since […]

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