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Mauve and Teal Eye Tutorial

"Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun." -Nina Dobrev   Hello my lovelies!     Yet another look inspired by a very talented makeup artist! I came across this particular look while on Pinterest, and had to do quite a bit of digging to find that the original creator was @DressedInMint… Continue reading Mauve and Teal Eye Tutorial

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Iridescent Opal Eye Tutorial

"It's important to remember that we all have magic inside of us" -J.K. Rowling   Hello my lovelies!     I know that I'm doing some similar repeats as of late, but there's always room for an updated, new and improved version of everything. Plus, with a new job, going to old standbys is what's… Continue reading Iridescent Opal Eye Tutorial


Purple Mock Cut Crease Eye Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!     I don't know about you, but I love the look of the cut crease trend all over Instagram. I think that if done well, they're incredibly clean and look amazing on almost any eye shape. Unfortunately, I was blessed with a serious lack of space between my brow bone and… Continue reading Purple Mock Cut Crease Eye Tutorial


Spring Trends: Pink Eyeshadow and Red Lips

Hello my lovelies!     Today's post isn't really a tutorial, since the eye look I'm featuring only has two colors. I wanted to show my take on a spring trend that I'm pretty into; Pink shadow and red lips. I understand that the combo sounds a little loud, however I think it's really easy… Continue reading Spring Trends: Pink Eyeshadow and Red Lips


Soft Glittery Purple Eyes Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!     I had meant to post this a few days ago, however I've had a lot of tests come up lately that obviously took precedence. I know that I've done a look with the same palette that is similar to this, however this one is a more glittery approach to what… Continue reading Soft Glittery Purple Eyes Tutorial


Simple Eyes With Liner Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!       I am SO SORRY for my ridiculously long absence! I've been moving into my dorm and starting my social life/classes, so it's been pretty hectic for me. Rest assured, I am back and ready to bring all of you some quality college freshman life. This look may seem silly… Continue reading Simple Eyes With Liner Tutorial

Digs and Duds

June Digs and Duds

Hello my lovelies! It's that time again. Time for another update on what's hot, and what's not. Let's get started:   Digs Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer - I decided to find out what all the hype was about for these primers, and I'm genuinely impressed. On occasion, some matte… Continue reading June Digs and Duds