Red Evening Eyes

Hello my lovelies!     I've been heading out to evening events quite a bit lately, so I've had the opportunity to express my dramatic self several times. I always love pulling out my ABH Master Palette for evening looks, and this was obviously no exception.     While this palette does have some fun… Continue reading Red Evening Eyes


Simple Matte Orange Eyes

Hello my lovelies!     I apologize for the unplanned break, I ended up having a lot of things happening in my personal life, and my routine schedule got flipped around completely. In my time off, I did manage to collect some post worthy items though, so stay tuned!     I know my posts… Continue reading Simple Matte Orange Eyes


Cruelty Free Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!     You might notice some similarities between this look and my cruelty free makeup look. That's because this is the eye portion, which I wanted to dedicate a separate post to. I'm going to keep this short, as I'm in the car on a Verizon Jetpack, on the way to D.C.… Continue reading Cruelty Free Eye Makeup Tutorial