OOTD, Style

OOTD: Christmas Day Brunch

"Any day that is designated to shower the person you love with love is my favorite holiday" -Kevin Nealon   Hello my lovelies!   I hope that every single one of you had a great holiday, no matter what you do (or don't) celebrate! I spent Christmas Eve working, but I was able to have… Continue reading OOTD: Christmas Day Brunch

OOTD, Style

OOTD: Sweatshirt Chic

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" -Dr. Seuss   Hello my lovelies!       Look at me modeling. I'm a great model. The best.   I've been seeing this look circulating around the internet for a little while, with… Continue reading OOTD: Sweatshirt Chic


Evening Glam and Camera Basics

Hello my lovelies!   I hope you're all doing well, and welcome back to my lair. Today I wanted to post a standard OOTD, but with a little twist. Recently, I have learned about Light, a company working to revolutionize the camera as we know it in all its big, clunky glory. If you're interested… Continue reading Evening Glam and Camera Basics


OOTD: In The Nude

Hello my lovelies! Heh, I just got you with that clickbait! I'm not actually naked so if that's what you're here for, click the back button ya nasty. I'm pretty sure it's obvious by now that I like nude everything: nude lipsticks, nude shadows, nude shirts, shoes, pants, whatever, I like it all nude. Also… Continue reading OOTD: In The Nude


Sporty Casual

Hello my lovelies! Happy unofficial first day of winter from Milwaukee. Talk about wind! In my eyes, the cooler weather is absolutely perfect, and it means it's time for me to pull out the cozy sweaters and snuggle up with some good coffee. As a college student, I've been rocking the "sporty chic" look hardcore,… Continue reading Sporty Casual


OOTD: Color Blocking

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for all of the sporadic posting last week. I one hundred percent blame my visiting SO for the inconvenience. All kidding aside, it's been an eventful week for me, so posting has been a little difficult to come by. During my multiple visits to Milwaukee these past several weeks, I… Continue reading OOTD: Color Blocking


OOTD: Grad Party

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for missing two posting days. As a high school graduate this year, all of my friends and family were flocking up to Wisconsin for my graduation party this past weekend. The party was wonderful! So wonderful in fact, that I am still trying to recover from being partied out. Since… Continue reading OOTD: Grad Party