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Face Chart Inspiration: Take One

"You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because  you might not get there" - Yogi Berra   Hello my lovelies!     I had mentioned a few posts back that I was feeling a little uninspired, and that a new series would help. I decided that plucking around on Pinterest… Continue reading Face Chart Inspiration: Take One


Rainbow Pride: Blue

Hello my lovelies!   This is looking a little crazy, but while sitting at my desk trying to figure out how to make blue wearable, I thought to myself "does anyone REALLY wear blue eye shadow on the daily?" So instead, I channeled my inner drag queen and went the hell out.     This… Continue reading Rainbow Pride: Blue


Rainbow Pride: Brown

Hello my lovelies!     In case you missed it, Philly created a new pride flag to incorporate fellow LGBTQ+ people of color, and naturally I'm all for it. The flag now includes the colors brown and black, so I wanted to include these in my series as well. Furthermore, I tried to create a… Continue reading Rainbow Pride: Brown


Copper Liner Eyes

Hello my lovelies!     Today's look is super simple, but is definitely still quite noticeable. I'm not much of a standard black wing kind of person, but I absolutely love colorful wings, as well as much more subtle brown wings, very similar to the one I have here.     If you're like me… Continue reading Copper Liner Eyes


Cool Toned Purples Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!     Because I am really pressed for time at this moment, I am going to make this introductory paragraph short and sweet by simply saying that I am FEELING MYSELF with this makeup look. I used two of the new Jeffree Star x Mannymua733 collab items with this look, one being… Continue reading Cool Toned Purples Tutorial


Neutral Glam Affordable Makeup Tutorial

Hello my lovelies! I know I sometimes disappear because of being a little under the weather or other things along those lines, but trust me when I tell you, I disappeared for a REALLY awesome reason this time...     This is Sushi, our new dog! So technically, she resides at my grandparent's place, but… Continue reading Neutral Glam Affordable Makeup Tutorial


Burgundy Eye Tutorial

Hello my lovelies!     If anyone had spring break last week like I did, I hope you had a wonderful week! If your spring break is now or coming up soon, enjoy it while it lasts! I spent almost the entirety of my break sitting at home sick, and am still trying to get… Continue reading Burgundy Eye Tutorial