Digs and Duds, Miscellaneous

July/August Digs and Duds

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop" - Confucius   Hello my lovelies!     Bear with me here, I wanted to try out a new concept for my monthly reviews. I've decided to start including a look featuring all of the products I've liked and disliked… Continue reading July/August Digs and Duds

Does It Work?

Does It Work: Revlon YouthFX Fill+Blur Foundation

Hello my lovelies!   Today I wanted to let you know my thoughts on the newest foundation from Revlon. I love trying out new drugstore foundations, since they can often be better than or equal to a high end option. I also did a review a few months ago on the NYX Total Control Drop… Continue reading Does It Work: Revlon YouthFX Fill+Blur Foundation


Rainbow Pride: Yellow

Hello my lovelies!     So I know gold isn't exactly yellow, but I do not own/could not find any yellow shades at a reasonable price, and I want to use what I already have. Is this my most creative compared to my red and blue posts? no. Is it easier to achieve and made… Continue reading Rainbow Pride: Yellow


Fall Lipstick Dupes

Hello My Lovelies! Unfortunately for all of us, Fall is just around the corner. And despite the fact that it already feels like fall in Wisconsin, we do have to prepare ourselves! Of course, my version of preparing is figuring out which lipsticks are optimal for the Fall weather. Oh, and outfits obviously! So here… Continue reading Fall Lipstick Dupes